Alia Bhatt Best Movies

Alia Bhatt Best Movies :

Alia Bhatt is one of the youngest and glamourous actress of the Bollywood family, has set forth her Bollywood carrier from the movie Sangharsh(1999) as a Child  actress. She came up playing lead actress role as ‘Shanaya’ in the movie Student of The Year(2012).The movie was produced by Dharma Production whose mentor was Karan Johar.  Student of The Year could merely be one of the Alia Bhatt best movies.

Alia Bhatt best movies are:

1. Udta Punjab (2016):The movie has IMDb Rating of 7.8.In this movie she played a role of ‘Pinky Kumari’ a Bihari migrant worker who works in farm. She was in Punjab, as she wanted to play Hockey for National team. Basically the story of the movie revolves around drug abuse in the Indian state Punjab. Where youths have succumbed to it en-masse resulting in socio-economic decline. For this movie Alia won Filmfare  award for best actress. This movie was Alia Bhatt’s best movie.

2. Kapoor & Sons(2016):The movie has IMDb Rating of 7.8. Alia Bhatt is playing a role of ‘Tia Malik’. The story of the movie goes around a dysfunctional family of two brothers. One of the brother come to visit their parents after knowing about his grandfather’s heart attack. Whereas their grandfather is in an urge to fulfill his last dream of having family photograph. Inadvertently their parents marriage was on the verge of collapse. The family was going through finiancial crisis. And more dramas. This movie is also a part of Alia Bhatt best movies.

Others Top Rated Movies :

3. Dear Zindagi (2016):The movie has IMDb Rating of 7.7. In this movie she played a role of ‘Kiara’ , who is a cinemataogarpher. Where she urges in search for a perfect life. Then she met up with SRK playing role of ‘Jug’ basically Dr.Jehangir who is an psychologist. In this movie Jug help her out to let her gain new perspectives of life. Last of all Kiara learns out to discover that happiness of life is about finding comfort in imperfections of life. For this movie Alia was nominated for Filmfare best actress award. This movie is among Alia Bhatt’s best movie.

4.  Highway(2014):The movie has IMDb Rating of 7.6. Alia Bhatt is playing a role of ‘Veera Tripathi’.She is a daughter of Delhi based rich business tycoon. Few days before her wedding, she finds herself abducted and held for ransom. As the days passes by, she develops a strange bond with her kidnapper i.e. her co-actor Randeep Hooda.For this movie she won Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress.  This movie is among Alia Bhatt’s best movie.

5. 2 States(2014):The movie has IMDb Rating of 6.9.The  story  is taken from the novel 2 States. Whose editor is Chetan Bhagat  himself. In this movie here is the confirmation that how Chetan met his wife and the difficulties they faced due to difference in their culture. It is an another movie, which is also an Alia Bhatt’s best movie.

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