Allah Duhai Hai Contest

Allah Duhai Hai Contest :

Have you heard the new  version of the song “Allah Duhai Hai” from the movie RACE3 ? Do you want to now about    “Allah Duhai Hai Contest ?”   Are you a big fan of SALMAN KHAN ?

Then this can be a good news for you. Because the “Salman Khan Films” has tweeted recently that a contest  named “Allah Duhai Hai Contest” will start soon there will be some exciting prizes for the contestants.

The trailer of the movie RACE3 surprisingly came with the awesome and swagful look of SALMAN KHAN.
In the trailer it is clear that SALMAN KHAN has come again to his real look and the best thing is that the 3rd part of the RACE is going to release soon. And 3 songs has been arrived which already got more than 5 crores views of each song.
But after coming the song  “Allah Duhai Hai”  , Salman Khan Films decided to throw a contest for the RACE3 and SALMAN KHAN lover.

They said :

Want to be a part of the rocking party? Get your sassy dance moves ready! An exciting contest coming soon!

Yes The Party Contest named :  “Allah Duhai Hai Contest” will come soon.
Here is the twitter copy of the post “Salman Khan Films” shared :

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Here are all the songs of RACE3 :

Selfish video song :

Download Selfish Video song from Here

Heeriye Video Song:

Download Heeriye Video song from Here.

Allah Duhai Hai Video Song :

Download Allah Duhai Hai Video Song from Here.

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