Chinis ‘Superman’ dies from 62 stools show stant

So much popular  for  very difficult stant  is  Chinis ‘Superman’ The wu Youngning.  He had been pulling up the  roof of a 62-storied house in Chanchas in Hunan Province. And that time  he fall , and died. His age was 26 years.

Audience were impressed for his dangerous stants. When he showed those stunts, he did not use any protective ropes or ropes. Despite the extreme risk, his did not have any damage .But this stant man’s has been died the last 8 November. He died after falling from high building.

Although this incident happened a month ago, his death was not announced before last week.According to media reports, he died after winning a $ 15,000 winner of a routing challenge.His fans expressed condolences to Yoninge’s death


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