Robert Downey Jr. Talked About Iron Man 4

“Robert Downey Jr. Talked About Iron Man 4 :”

Before knowing what he said about Iron Man 4 at first lets talk about him and Iron Man Series.

Robert Downey Jr , a big superstar of Hollywood and he is very popularly know as TONY STARC because of his name in IRON MAN series. The IRON MAN was a very popular movie was released in 2008 and after the movie Robert Downey Jr was known as TONY STARC as the name of him was Tony Starc on that film.

On the IRON MAN 1st part the hero Tony Starc (Robert Downey Jr.) was kidnapped by some terrorist and took him to a closed place and told him to make missiles and to beat the terrorist in the closed house with some iron things he made a unique weaponized suit of armor to fight evil. And weared it to fight with the terrorist and then Tony Strarc with the suit was firstly called the “IRON MAN”.

The IMDb Rating of that film was 7.9 and the GROSS COLLECTION of the movie IRON MAN was :  $318.41 M.

Then in 2010 the 2nd part of IRON MAN SERIES the “IRON MAN 2″ was released.
In that film the story was : With the world now aware of his identity as Iron Man, Tony Stark must contend with both his declining health and a vengeful mad man with ties to his father’s legacy.
The two parts 1 & 2 were directed by Jon Favreau.
After 2nd part the movie was getting more famous in all over the world and ROBERT DOWNEY JR. was getting loved by more people all over the world.

The IMDb Rating of the movie was : 7.0
The gross collection of the movie IRON MAN 2 was $312.43 M.


Then on public demand the IRON MAN 3 was released in 2013 and this time it was the most popular movie in Iron Man series and the movie was directed by SHANE BLACK. Now the Iron Man series is loved by most people all over the world.

The IMDb Rating of the movie was : 7.2
for the big success the total Box Office Collection of the movie IRON MAN 3 was $409.01 M.

IRON MAN 4 :  Now its time to release the “IRON MAN 4”. But the director at first was in doubt about the fitness of the ROBERT DOWNEY JR and said that “IRON MAN 4” would be acted by some other one instead of ROBERT DOWNEY JR. As a result the lovers and fans of ROBERT DOWNEY JR and all the Iron man fans all over the world claimed that they need ROBERT DOWNEY JR and without him they don’t want to see Iron Man . So for the public demand The “IRON MAN 4” finally will be released in 2020 and the hero will be ROBERT DOWNEY JR.

For some confusion Robert Downey Jr. talked about Iron Man 4. He said “He will be the 4th Iron Man.” Though he has just said something unique see it in the below video where ‘Robert Downey Jr. Talked About Iron Man 4’

So it is the video when Robert Downey Jr. Talked About Iron Man 4.

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